File Your 945 and 1042 Forms Effortlessly with Sovos’ eFiling Solution

Are you looking for a hassle-free way to electronically file your 945 and 1042 forms with the IRS Modernized eFile (MeF) system?

Look no furtherSovos has the perfect solution when filing 10 returns or less. 

Expect 10+ filings? Reach out to learn about additional offerings and volume pricing available through Sovos.

Easy steps to seamless 945 and 1042 eFilings

  1. Purchase the Sovos eFiling solution:
    Click the “Buy” button to complete your order and receive email confirmation.
  2. Solution access and instructions:
    Shortly after purchase, you’ll receive a link with access instructions.
  3. Complete Forms 945 and 1042:
    Utilize our intuitive interface to complete your forms.
  4. Sovos will eFile your return(s) to the IRS MeF System:
    We handle the filing process on your behalf.
  5. Receive filing status confirmation:
    Check your Withholding Forms module for prompt confirmations and complete transparency. 

Still seem complicated?
Don't worry - Sovos can help.

Check out our demo video for more details on our eFiling solution. 

Benefits of choosing Sovos

No need for MeF System account creation

Skip the complexities of creating an account with the MeF system or seeking IT assistance to generate files.

Trusted eFiling partner

Rely on Sovos, a trusted partner with a proven track record, for all your expanding eFiling requirements.

Prompt confirmations

Receive immediate confirmations after a successful eFiling, ensuring peace of mind.

Ready to streamline your eFiling process?

Click the “Buy” button to purchase access to Sovos’ efficient and user-friendly solution. Say goodbye to filing stress and embrace a seamless eFiling experience with Sovos.

Already purchased your eFiling solution but need more returns eFiled?

You can purchase additional eFilings here. This allows you to use your existing solution to eFile additional returns instead of purchasing an entirely new solution again.