France E-Invoicing and E-Reporting Mandate

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France will implement mandatory B2B e-invoicing and an e-reporting obligation. Every company operating in France is affected.

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Whether you are a buyer or supplier, the mandate’s effect on companies and their operational processes, financial systems and people is extensive

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E-invoicing and e-reporting in France: Rollout dates​

Important NoteThe Finance Law for 2024 is presently in draft form and remains subject to ongoing modifications prior to adoption. Our blog, France: B2B E-Invoicing Mandate Postponed, is promptly updated whenever there are changes to the rollout of the French mandate.

September 2026:

  • Companies +5,000 employees and/or sales > €1.5bn 
  • Companies 250 to 5,000 employees and/or sales between €50m and €1.5bn 

 September 2027:

  • Companies 250 employees and/or sales < €50M

*The e-invoicing mandate does not apply to B2C and cross-border invoices. However, there is an obligation to report those transactions so the tax administration has full visibility.


How non-resident companies can get ready for France’s E-Invoicing Mandate?

In this webinar, our experts will outline the new regulations, the role the PDP platform plays and how you can ensure your business meets VAT requirements in France.

Penalties: What happens if you don’t comply

Cash flow: Buyer’s VAT recovery jeopardised from failure to comply, and suppliers’ cash flow affected because buyers can’t process invoices

E-invoicing: €15 per invoice, capped at €15,000 per year

E-reporting: €250 per transmission, capped at €45,000 per year

Important to note: The tax authority may withdraw a PDP’s registration number for repeat offences. Companies reliant on this PDP would then need to find an alternative to keep their business moving

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Sovos can help your business comply with the French mandate and beyond with a range of services:

  • Tax compliance services – to control, sign, archive and format invoicing data according to the legal requirements for both suppliers and buyers
  • Connectivity services – through Sovos or via our partners to deliver e-invoice, e-reporting and lifecycle status data

Sovos has a proven track record of acting on behalf of tax authorities and jurisdictions across the globe. Trust our experience and VAT compliance portfolio covering VAT Determination, Continuous Transaction Controls (CTCs), e-invoicing, Periodic Reporting across VAT and e-Audit (including SAF-T) obligations.

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