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About Our Automated VAT Software

Our cloud solution mitigates the risks and costs of compliance, future-proofing and streamlining the handling of businesses periodic reporting obligations by using data to deliver insights that power performance enhancement.

Sovos APR addresses extensive tax authority periodic, on-demand VAT requirements across both EU and non-EU jurisdictions including Continuous Transaction Control, VAT Returns, EC Sales and Purchase Lists, Intrastat Declarations, complex reports (including SAF-T) and other country specific declarations. 

With Sovos you are assured

Trusted by MNCs facing compliance challenges around the globe as tax administrations continue to digitize tax on every continent

Breadth of indirect tax compliance portfolio across tax determination, CTCs, periodic reporting (VAT, SAF-T) and Trust

Geographic coverage across Asia, EMEA, LATAM

Pedigree of expertise in regulatory monitoring of tax compliance

Software maintained in alignment with regulatory changes à client able to focus on core business

Ease and flexibility of integration, whatever your systems

Centres of Technical Excellence on 3 continents

Deep understanding of where compliance intersects applications, processes, systems

Multilingual customer support

Information Security Credentials

About Our Automated VAT Software

Realise efficiencies in the handling of your VAT obligations with one single point of integration, with global coverage and excelent customer support. We’re future-proof, accurate and willing to assist in all VAT services, i.e.:

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Global Coverage

Automates Complex End-to-end Processes

Future-Proof Your Tax

Real-Time Updates

Distinct Audit Trail

Save Time

Never Miss A Deadline

Data-Powered Insights

Comprehensive Error Checking

Continuous Transaction Controls

Standardize on tax technology with continuous legal monitoring to power compliance across all business processes:

  • Eliminate costly point solutions (in favour of global reach with local expertise)
  • Flexible integration architecture
  • Reduced overheads of implementing, monitoring and maintaining compliance
  • Market leading regulatory analysis
  • World class scalability
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the implications of non-compliance with country e-invoicing mandates?

Implications of non-compliance with e-invoicing mandates vary. Most tax authorities apply financial penalties, either a set sum or percentage. Penalties can be for late-reporting, invoice inaccuracies and errors or failure to comply with software requirements.

In which countries is SAF-T a requirement?

Countries with a SAF-T requirement include Portugal, Luxembourg, Austria, France, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Angola, Cape Verde, Lithuania and Romania. Tax authorities introducing SAF-T requirements continue to expand, adding to compliance demands for companies.

How will the VAT In the Digital Age proposals affect my business?

The VAT in the Digital Age proposal put forward by the European Commission might start affecting business from 2024. The proposal’s reporting and electronic invoicing requirements bring business, data and software process changes. Businesses shouldn’t underestimate the time needed to plan for these changes and the impact on current systems.

Do you need to file VAT returns, EC Sales Lists, Intrastat and other declarations in the EU?

Sovos has two options to ensure you optimise the reporting process, every step of the way:

  • Software to streamline and ease the burden these obligations create for your tax team.
  • Outsource to Sovos’ VAT compliance services team.