Gain True Confidence Managing Exemption Certificates with Sovos CertManager

Centralize your compliance information and reduce audit preparation time by seamlessly connecting CertManager to your GTD Cloud instance.  

Sovos Certmanager

Automate your customer exemption certificate process

More than 30% of organizations report that managing customer exemptions takes up the majority of their time when it comes to sales tax compliance. Businesses are looking to digitize their databases for easier information retrieval and to apply their exemption certificates in real time.

Additionally, audits are on the rise, with preparation typically taking a whole work week or longer. Organizations across industries report more than $50K in average penalties paid, with over 25% of businesses reporting increased audit frequency. The cost to support those audits is also cited as a significant compliance challenge. 

Higher audit costs attributed to disorganized exemption certificate management is a significant risk for organizations, but CertManager can help you streamline processes, reduce your audit risk and eliminate “what ifs.” 

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CertManager helps you:

Get your existing certificates in order.

Quickly import all customer and exemption data and certificate images in minutes to begin identifying gaps in your process.

Eliminate documentation gaps.

Use email tools to create lists of customers with missing, invalid or expiring certificates and easily request valid replacements.

Simplify customer onboarding.

Streamline new customer onboarding with simple email tools that allow customers to easily submit certificates to expedite order processing.

Validate exemptions in real time.

Integrate this exemption certificate management software with your CRM to ensure you have valid customer documentation before you provide tax exemptions. Automatically check for existing certificates and instantly calculate accurate tax on complex transactions.

Reduce audit risk with complete visibility.

You'll always know which certificates are valid, which are missing and which are due to expire with our exemption certificate management system. When you can easily find and produce certificates in case of audit, you eliminate virtually any documentation gap that could increase your risk.

Lift the burden of exemption certificates

With Sovos’s managed services for exemption certificates, our U.S.-based support team will complete the entire exemption certificate process for you.

“Sovos CertManager is a very user-friendly system that is saving us time and effort, not only making exemption certificate management a much more efficient process, but I believe will continue to reduce our audit costs.”

Andrew Snowden

Controller, Bridgestone HosePower