Gain True Confidence Managing Exemption Certificates with Sovos CertManager

Centralize your compliance information and reduce audit preparation time by seamlessly connecting CertManager to your GTD Cloud instance.  

Sovos CertManager

Automate your customer exemption certificate process

More than 30% of organizations report that managing customer exemptions takes up the majority of their time when it comes to sales tax compliance. Businesses are looking to digitize their databases for easier information retrieval and to apply their exemption certificates in real time.

Additionally, audits are on the rise, with preparation typically taking a whole work week or longer. Organizations across industries report more than $50K in average penalties paid, with over 25% of businesses reporting increased audit frequency. The cost to support those audits is also cited as a significant compliance challenge. 

Higher audit costs attributed to disorganized exemption certificate management is a significant risk for organizations, but CertManager can help you streamline processes, reduce your audit risk and eliminate “what ifs.” 

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What Can CertManager Do For You?

Streamline workflows

CertManager lets you import thousands of certificates in minutes, cataloguing all certificates cataloged by key data. Businesses can have an unlimited number of users, ensuring that the right levels of access are granted to those who need it. Eliminate duplicate efforts so you won’t hold up the sale or inaccurately report to jurisdictions.

Reduce audit exposure and prep time

No one likes the unexpected, especially when it comes to audits. CertManager prepares you by proactively managing your exemption certificates. The easy-access, centralized management system will help reduce manual errors and eliminate time spent gathering data when audited. Rest assured that exemptions are immediately accessible, valid and current.

Improve customer relationships

Your customers deserve you at your best and holding up orders, reissuing invoices and misapplying tax can strain a relationship. CertManager helps eliminate these issues with simple email tools for expedited customer onboarding and an intuitive interface that lets you look up customer certificates and add information in seconds.

Maintain exemption certificate compliance as your business grows

Every business wants to grow, but constantly changing regulations in new geographies can turn an exciting opportunity into a major headache. CertManager is scalable so it can expand with your business, ensuring you stay protected as your customer base grows and your nexus footprint widens.

Integrate seamlessly with Global Tax Determination (GTD)

You already love our cloud-based compliance solution, GTD, and CertManager is the perfect companion for maximum compliance security. Enhance your compliance strategy even further with integrated features such as bulk uploading, email campaigns to customers with expiring certificates, and a user-friendly interface for customers and vendors to input certificate information.

Key Product Features

CertWizard exemption portal enables customers to input certificate information in an easy step-by-step interface, reducing the risk of errors.

Bulk commands, whether you want to load your data, correct, collect or extract, ensuring you can leverage your data at a moment's notice.

Additional integration workflows can maximize your day-to-day transparency and eliminate dual record keeping efforts.

All exemption images and data are stored digitally, including historical versions.

CertManager is the right solution if:

  • You still collect and store exemption certificates manually and you’re looking for a better way.
  • It is difficult to locate certificates, especially in the case of an audit. 
  • You’ve recently acquired a business with historic exemption certificates on file. 
  • You are exploring a B2B channel and reviewing requirements in each of your states of operation. 
  • Your source system has gaps in managing exemptions on its own. 
  • You can’t easily track exempt drop shipments orders, freight forwarders, cash sales and other non-standard exemption calculations on your own. 
  • You already have GTD and are looking for even more protection. 
“Sovos CertManager is a very user-friendly system that is saving us time and effort, not only making exemption certificate management a much more efficient process, but I believe will continue to reduce our audit costs.”

Andrew Snowden

Controller, Bridgestone HosePower