Sales and Use Tax for SAP

Reimagine your sales tax processes.

Automate your sales tax processes in SAP to create efficiencies.

Leading companies in the manufacturing, retail, pharmaceutical, distribution and services industries using SAP, rely on Sovos to ensure simple accurate tax determination, comprehensive and automated sales tax exemptions, and complete filing services.

Sovos has partnered with SAP for over 20 years, offering the following benefits:

  1. End-to-end sales tax processes: From sales tax calculations to procurement, you’ll get a comprehensive set of solutions to manage your sales tax process from start to finish.
  2. Centralize your sales tax systems: Consolidate your sales tax reporting and provide visibility to senior leadership.
  3. Empower your tax/finance teams: Provide employees access to more streamlined sales tax solutions, reducing their reliance on IT to increase efficiencies and minimize the substantial risk of non compliance.
  4. Drive value-led finance transformation: Enable the power of real-time data to provide accurate & high-quality insights to your sales tax reporting.

Sovos gives you and your team the ability to track, automate and streamline your sales tax process easily and efficiently. Since our SaaS solutions will integrate with your current business processes and scale as you grow, they will accelerate your financial transformation from vision to value.

What our customers have to say

Prior to integrating the Sovos tax engine to IDEXX’s SAP environment, IDEXX struggled to efficiently audit its sales tax purchases and realize it was overpaying. With the help of Sovos, IDEXX can now conduct analysis in one day and ensure that it reduces costs by not overpaying on sales tax.

“When we were spending more time managing the software and had less control over the taxability during the purchasing process, we wouldn’t have had time to do such an in-depth analysis. Now we’re able to do that in about a day each month.”

Tax Manager, IDEXX