Sovos TIR-Corporate

Maintain Compliance and Peace of Mind with Sovos 1099 Reporting Solution

TIR – Corporate is a fast and easy-to-use solution that works for you; so you can focus more on your business while ensuring your filings are complete and compliant.

As Tax Information Reporting (TIR) requirements continue to become more complex, now is the time to invest in TIR – Corporate, Sovos’ easy-to-use tax information reporting, also known as 1099 reporting, software. Save time, resources and stress while staying compliant.


Ensuring 1099 Reporting Compliance

As your requirements for 1099 reporting change and become more complex, your company has to spend more time and resources to meet the challenge of staying compliant.

Regulatory changes are constant, and business events such as mergers and acquisitions, growth, geographical expansion and new products create complexity and increase the strain on your tax, finance, AP, IT and compliance departments.  

What to Expect from TIR – Corporate

Time Savings

Our innovative solution will save you time during your busy season. Forget the days of filing one-by-one, our automated system will save your employees time, so they can focus on something other than 1099-Reporting.


Let Sovos worry about the complications of compliance. Our easy-to-use solution takes the worry of changing regulations off your shoulders by aborbing all regulatory updates so you don’t have to.

Mitigate Risk

A manual 1099 process subjects your business to errors, audits, and penalties. Sovos systems helps eliminate these risks, by automating the process. Our system even has Bulk TIN-Check to mitigate fraud within your company.

State Reporting

Sovos can handle all of your 1099-NEC State Reporting Details.

Print Services

From printing to mailing, our print services team has you covered. All envelopes are also run through the National Change of Address database, so you have more accuracy and less returned mail.

Customer Service

On our best-in-class customer service team is always there to assist you throughout your reporting process.

Always-On Reliability

TIR Corporate offers the same great data security you have come to expect with enhanced performance and reliability. You can rest assured that the product will be available for you when you need it crunching through your data in record time!

A Solution that will Grow with Your Business

Easily expand to other tax compliance software with Sovos as you grow and your business needs change.